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Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Vacation aka family time

Today equals the beginning of 2 wonderful weeks off....to spend quality time with my hubby, boys and family.
I look forward to the holidays every year. I love the smells, sounds and sights. Everyone is usually in a happy mood. Lots of yummy food and relaxation :D

I am excited for the fact that I get to take my baby to school this week and pick him up :D I love seeing his little smile in the morning when he sees me come out of my room to give him breakfast and take him school. As a mom I am soo grateful to be able to take some time with him in light of friday's tragedy.
I was already grateful for my time to spend with them but now even more. Yes I have hugged my boys a little harder a little longer. But as parents that is our job. Sometimes  I wish I could home school them just so I could spend more time with them and keep them safe. Being a mom is the hardest most rewarding job i have ever had. The payment of their love, hugs and kisses is enough for me.

On that note I will end this blog post so i can sit and hang out with my little man as we wait for Daddy and Brah Brah to get home :D 

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