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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I ate Wednesday... WIAW :D

Woohoo my first post for WIAW (what i ate wednesday)

Here is a glimpse into what I eat on the regular :D
I love clean eating...i live for it! The thing about eating clean and healthy is you do have to like what you eat otherwise you won't stick to it and will be more likely to grab "bad" things. Yes i am faulty of this once in a while.
I try to have a cheat meal once a week...which usually consists of mexican food (tossed salad with chicken and shrimp, side of rice and beans) or Chick Fil A's Chargrilled and Fruit salad.. which usually i will have some of my hubbys fries. I esp love Five Guys fries. oh heavenly. I know these will not seem like true cheats to everyone. To each their own...since i do eat pretty healthy anything i eat that is not on plan will make me bloat up. It usually takes a couple days for me to debloat..that is why I do FAT Fridays and indulge on Friday nights. Sometimes Saturday nights if its a long weekend.

So on to the eats...

Todays brekkie...
Yams (oh how i love thee) with egg whites and a side of strawberries

Greek yogurt with 1/2 c pumpkin, side of strawberries and walnuts with a little stevia...my fave

Baked Chicken patties, steamed broco/cauli, yam :D (Sorry No PIC :(...will get a pic next week)

Because I go to the gym right after work i dont like to have a full tummy so i have a protein w/flax shake a little before i head to workout. This gives me sustenance until i get home in the evening to eat dinner...

A typical dinner is pretty much the same as lunch..without the yam/carbs. If i am still hungry before bed i will have another shake or some greek yogurt :D

Well thats it :D yes it gets boring and i do have to switch it up. But I would rather have boring and be fit than eat crap and be unhealthy. Plain and simple. I love the feeling i get by eating good. It gives me the energy to do what i need to do...at work, the gym...etc. 

:D Enjoy!! More blogs to come 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Vacation aka family time

Today equals the beginning of 2 wonderful weeks off....to spend quality time with my hubby, boys and family.
I look forward to the holidays every year. I love the smells, sounds and sights. Everyone is usually in a happy mood. Lots of yummy food and relaxation :D

I am excited for the fact that I get to take my baby to school this week and pick him up :D I love seeing his little smile in the morning when he sees me come out of my room to give him breakfast and take him school. As a mom I am soo grateful to be able to take some time with him in light of friday's tragedy.
I was already grateful for my time to spend with them but now even more. Yes I have hugged my boys a little harder a little longer. But as parents that is our job. Sometimes  I wish I could home school them just so I could spend more time with them and keep them safe. Being a mom is the hardest most rewarding job i have ever had. The payment of their love, hugs and kisses is enough for me.

On that note I will end this blog post so i can sit and hang out with my little man as we wait for Daddy and Brah Brah to get home :D 


Welcome to my new blog! 

This has been in the works for a while and is still under construction! But I figured I could really use this to share my thoughts, inspirations, quotes, etc.

Stay tuned!